Bebe Miller Guest Performances

Bebe Miller


Bebe Miller Company's A HISTORY was presented as part of the research for the TWO Project. Norah Zuniga Shaw writes: "We started this project with an interest in (...) choreographic ideas as they unfold between two people in the duet form. This was a natural link to Bebe Miller’s new work “A History” which focuses on the choreographic relationship between her and two of her dancers, Angie Hauser and Darrell Jones... (read more)."

Angie Hauser & Darrell Jones rehearsing "A History". Photo: Ulrike Stumpp

Maria Palazzi and Matt Lewis from the TWO Project research team came with the company to Frankfurt, using the opportunity to observe Bebe work on the improvised dancing relationship between Angie and Darrell. Watching and listening, discovering how she is "articulating the prescriptive: the conditions in which action occurs" (quote from the TWO Project overview). This would build on the ground work done during the residency with Bebe Miller Company in January 2012 (documentation here). 

Angie Hauser, Talvin Wilks (dramaturg), Lily Skove (video artist), Bebe Miller & Darrell Jones. Photo: Ulrike Stumpp

The company was able to work for ten days in the Lab prior to the performances. This gave the score research teams from Ohio and Germany a chance to meet and present current research with the guest choreographers, share technical tips and experiences, discuss the final on-line delivery system, discuss community engagement and so on. For two teams working so far apart, project integration is a challenge. At this meeting everyone was encouraged to work in the Motion Bank Workspace (this space is currently private).

Angie Hauser & Darrell Jones in performance of A History. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

On 9 October, following the performance, William Forsythe & Bebe Miller engaged in a Motion Bank Dialogue on themes running through the TWO project and the inspiration both found in working with digital media. This included discussing Bebe's interest in Motion Capture for analysis instead of for art work (in two of her previous dances motion capture animation had featured strongly). Bebe also discussed the relevance of the work with the score team on vocabularies (see documentation of first residency).

Scott deLahunta (facilitator), Bebe Miller & Wiliam Forsythe - Motion Bank Dialogue. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

Video Impression: Guest Performances preparation Bebe Miller Company.

Video: Anna Berger