Deborah Hay Final Filming

Deborah Hay

Final Filming

Three Final Filming sessions took place immediately after the Guest Performances. The trio (As Holy Sites Go) was filmed as well as the three No Time to Fly solos adaptations. The same filming set up as for the April Solo Flming sessions was used with the cameras installed in fixed positions and the performance space set up with constant, consistent light and a plain homogeneous floor and background.

Jeanine Durning & Ros Warby preparing in the space. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

At the end of the April Solo Filming documentation, is a video of Svenja Kahn from the Fraunhofer Institute describing how computer vision technologies are used on the Deborah Hay project. One part of this process, she explains (at 2:18 in the video), involves subtracting the background of an image leaving just the dancer's silhouette in the frame. Background subtraction is a common computation technique used for 'detecting moving objects in videos from static cameras'.

Image from Jeanine Durning adaptation of No Time To Fly before background substraction. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

A key research goal of Motion Bank has been to explore meaningful ways to use computation to document, analyze and visualise the choreographic approaches of the Guest Artists. For Deborah Hay's work the 'silhouette' data of the dancers has been used in different ways. As Kahn explains in the video, these silhouettes were used to help them calculate the 3D position of the dancer in space. These silhouettes are also used in the renderings of the layered views of the performances and also used in data searching experiments -- see Score Production Session (Austin).

Ros Warby silhouettes after background subtraction (per frame). Screen Shot: Florian Jenett

The clip on the right is an Augmented Reality (AR) visualization experiment by the Fraunhofer Institute team. It uses the silhouette and 3D position data recorded of Ros Warby performing her adaptation of No Time To Fly. The postcard and the brochure are tracked via natural feature tracking with Fraunhofer IGD's Mobile AR framework.

At the end of the Final Filming session time was set aside to review recorded material and record commentary from Deborah Hay and the performers. As an unexpected outcome of the project, Deborah Hay was inspired by the footage Anna Berger (on the close up following camera) had shot, and she asked for copies to use in the creation of a video installation.

Reviewing and commenting on following camera material. Photo: Jessica Schäfer