Deborah Hay Guest Performances

Deborah Hay

As Holy Sites Go @FRANKFURT LAB 13-15 October 2011

'As Holy Sites Go' was a trio choreographed and directed by Deborah Hay and performed by dancers/choreographers Jeanine Durning, Juliette Mapp, and Ros Warby. The material was reconstructed from Hay’s solo dance 'No Time To Fly', which the 3 dancers have already adapted and performed as a solo work (April filming for Motion Bank).

Jeanine Durning. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

The performances at the Frankfurt Lab consisted of the trio, 'As Holy Sites Go', and a single adaptation of 'No Time To Fly', performed by a different dancer each evening.

Deborah and the dancers had arrived 25 September to spend two weeks choreographing the trio. This was followed by three performances commissioned by The Forsythe Company for Motion Bank.

Juliette Map. Photo: Amin Weber

The choreography of the trio involved mainly instructions such as:

- 1st person enters when the audience is coming in. exists the stage.

- 2nd person waits longer before entering when almost the whole audience is sited. ends up off the stage. (like a wash across the space).

- 3rd person waits even longer. enters when everybody is in after the light change. ends up at the edge off the stage.

(from notes from Deborah Hay's assistant Nina Djekic)

The solos themselves remained very much the same, although because Ros, Juliette and Jeanine had continued their practice during the summer they had evolved.

On 13 October prior to the first performance William Forsythe & Deborah Hay had one of the three Motion Bank dialogues (with each guest choreographer) regarding her development and use of scores in her work. For insights on this topic and others, see the Introduction to Concepts in Deborah Hay's Motion Bank site Using the Sky

Ros Warby. Photo: Amin Weber

"The dancers’ choice to perform much of the choreographic material that determines 'As Holy Sites Go', and 'No Time To Fly', requires catastrophic acts of perception. ‘Catastrophe’ in this sense refers to the magnitude of former behavior that the dancers need to dis-attach from in order to perform my choreographic directions. It represents a loss of tremendous proportion." (Deborah Hay, Programme Note)

Photo: Amin Weber

To serve as a possible tool, Florian Jenett had developed the Trio Generator App which layered one version of each of the three solos from April on top of each other and provided the function that each dancer could be relocated on their own timeline separately from the other two.

Trio Generator App (video documentation). 

This is the 15 October performance video. Low light levels make the video quite dark at the start, but one should just be able to pick out the three instructions from above followed at the start.

As Holy Sites Go. 15 October 2011