Choreographic Coding Lab

Motion Bank: Choreographic Coding Lab

26-29 November 2013 @ Z Zentrum

The 'Choreographic Coding Lab' focuses on translating aspects of dance and choreography into digital form, one of the main goals of Motion Bank.

This laboratory is organised for 'code savvy' practitioners with expertise in digital media who have an interest in exploring and finding synergies with the language of choreography.

The Motion Bank dataset collected and produced in the last two years will be made available. There is no fee, but applicants are asked to propose their own starting points and ideas.

Possible starting points are meaningful pattern searching, making invisible structures visible and movement notation. Results could range from prototypes for artworks to new plug-ins for working with the Motion Bank dataset.

Each day will end with a round up of results and discussion open to the public.

Screenshot: Amin Weber

Participants will need to bring any equipment (hardware/ software) they require. Teams (2 or more people) combining different skill sets including dance and choreography are invited to apply.

Download the application form here. Deadline for applications is 1 November 2013. However, places are limited so we advise sending your starting ideas in as soon as possible.

The lab overlaps with Live & OnLine, a Motion Bank event celebrating and releasing results from the last four years of research.

The Lab has been organized in cooperation with NODE Forum for Digital Arts. NODE is a biannual forum for the debate, creative exchange, and workshops on issues of the digital age. Based in Frankfurt, NODE evolved from the community around the programing toolkit VVVV.

Screenshot: Amin Weber

The following artists and creative coders will be present and open for critical exchange:

Cedric Kiefer & Christian Loclair onformative, Zach Lieberman thesystemis, Andreas Müller Nanika, Sebastian Huber & Johannes Timpernagel, Marko Ritter & Maik Dahte, David Brüll NODE Forum for Digital Arts, MESO, Johannes Helberger & Felipe Sanchez klingklangklong

Programing languages in use: Processing, OpenFrameworks, VVVV.

Here you find links to projects of our supporting coders as inspiration: Cedric Kiefer & Christian Loclair 'Unnamed Soundsculpture', Zach Lieberman's work in progress mit Lamae Caparas

Lab Coordinator: Jeanne Vogt (also your contact for questions and more information)

Further Information: Article on Motion Bank on The Creator's Project

NODE13 Motion Bank Workshop, Photo: Jessica Schäfer