Motion Bank Workshop No. 5

Workshop No. 5

Writing Dance

16-18 April at The Frankfurt Lab. For this fifth workshop in the Motion Bank series, choreographer Jonathan Burrows and composer Matteo Fargion (Motion Bank Guest Artists)  and writer and curator Adrian Heathfield focussed on discussion leading to practical work in the studio.

Matteo Fargion and workshop participants. Photo: Jessica Schäfer 

The workshop evolved through dialogue between Burrows, Fargion and Heathfield. Emphasis was put toward investigating choreographic and compositional process, performance and philosophies, experimental writing and scoring practices, questioning how a dance can be made and what it can communicate to someone watching.

Jonathan Burrows and participants. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

Practical work concentrated on short task-based exercises looking at how to find material and work with time, to hold the attention of an audience and make them care what happens next. Days were punctuated also with viewpoints on other mediums and ways of working, asking all the time what dance can do and what it can’t do.

Participants in Motion Bank Workshop No. 5. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

For the Salon, Adrian Heathfield presented the film Writing Not Yet Thought which features the acclaimed author Hélène Cixous and Heathfield discussing the practice of writing. In this dialogue, "writing emerges as a site and instrument for encounters with other voices and otherness, mortality and mystery, the infinite and the ‘not yet thought’".

Adrian Heathfield in a discussion following the film presentation. Photo: Jessica Schäfer

Video Impression: 'Writing Dance' workshop with Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion and Adrian Heathfield

Video: Anna Berger