Coventry Education Workgroup Meeting

Coventry Education Workgroup Meeting

The 6th meeting of the International Education Workgroup was hosted 21-23 March 2013 by Sarah Whatley and C-DaRE at Coventry University, UK. The meeting agenda: 1. share or talk about a particular topic; individual projects reports and feedback; 2. review goals set at previous meetings -- what was and was not achieved maybe redirect/ revisit initiatives; 3. prepare ideas for the final event (28 Nov through 1 December) and Motion Bank's future plans; 4. start to produce a final report for the group.

Education Workgroup meeting @ Coventry University. Photo: Emma Meehan

Meeting participants: Bertha Bermúdez, Claudia Jeschke, John Taylor, Sarah Whatley, Jenny Coogan, Jasmine Wilson, Ingo Diehl, Britta Wirthmüller (for Nik Haffner, HZT, Berlin), Scott deLahunta. C-DaRE Researchers Emma Meehan & David Bennett were also present.

Education Workgroup meeting @ Coventry University. Photo: Scott deLahunta

Several key outcomes emerged from the meeting that built on, focused and expanded previous developments. These included: initiating the concept of a 'hypertext' as an emerging reference space for choreographic resources, a review of case studies in educational application, e.g. the Choreographic Resources Lab coordinated by Ingo Diehl (Taking place alongside Motion Bank Workshop No. 4), upcoming publications where choreographic resources might be more widely contextualised and a discussion differentiating some emerging resources as generative tools calling into question the notion of artist-led publication.

Related Downloads and Links:

1) C-DaRE Blog Entry by Emma Meehan

2) Informal Meeting Notes compiled by Scott deLahunta (which references the following four items)

3) Report: on the Choreographic Resources Lab coordinated by Ingo Diehl, with MA CoDE (Master for Contemporary Dance Education) that took place alongside Motion Bank Workshop No. 4

4) New Resource: Mind and Movement. The Choreographic Thinking Tools workbook presented in an early version at the meeting (now published).

5) Essay: Publishing Choreographic Ideas: Discourse from Practice by Scott deLahunta (now published in different contexts).

6) Publication Links: International Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media special issue on Choreographic Documentation (which includes an interview with Bertha Bermudez on 'Pre-Choreographics') and Tanz & Archiv published by e-podium.