Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion Final Filming

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion

Final Filming

The final filming sessions for Jonathan and Matteo took place 26-29 September 2012 in the week following their guest performances. The technical set up for the Final Filming incorporated new lighting instruments aimed to diminish the number of shadows that would be recorded. This was required to optimise the background substraction (see explanation in Deborah Hay Final Filming) of the space around the performers.

Matteo Fargion, Amin Weber (with clapper), Jonathan Burrows preparing for non-Kinect recording. Photo: Florian Jenett

As with Deborah Hay, in addition to precisely controlling the lighting, all Motion Bank filming required careful calibration of both space and time. That means cameras had to be exactly positioned, measurements taken and times had to be synchronised. All of this would enable the computational processing that would take part in the score production phase. Day Two of the Final Filming would be dedicated to filming with the Kinect cameras because they required a different lighting set up (a draft daily recording schedule can be downloaded here).

Dietrich Krüger, Florian Jenett, Jens Keil setting up cameras. Photo: Motion Bank

After the Test Filming in May 2012, by July most of the recorded duet fragments had been processed and uploaded. David Kern's Piecemaker was adapted to manually segment the movement material at the millisecond level because of how quickly Jonathan and Matteo move. A discussion was taking place about linking the sequences recorded in their score books to the performances in the recorded Duet fragments. Both manual segmentation and linking of the scores to videos would be discontinued (see Score Production Sessions), but at this time it was still being explored.

Florian Jenett recording QR pattern for synchronisation of Kinect recording (note lower light levels). Photo: Motion Bank

Nik Haffner recorded a small number of observations during the Final Filming, several of these reveal quesions that can be explored in their score website Seven Duets. These are: 1. differences in how Matteo and Jonathan are using their scores; 2. "A score allows you to deviate from it" (Jonathan Burrows); 3) how are Jonathan and Matteo re-using old (own) work; 4. how do complex relations disappear without a counter-partner?

Alesia Duff-Farrier (Motion Bank Intern) & Nik Haffner. Photo: Motion Bank