Live & OnLine 2013


28 Nov – 1 Dec @ Frankfurt Lab

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For detailed schedule and activities information download the printable brochure here.

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Registration closed. (See below.)

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Live & OnLine will begin Thursday evening 28 November at 7 pm with a first public presentation of the on-line Motion Bank materials of guest choreographers Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Bebe Miller and Thomas Hauert, alongside an updated version of Deborah Hay’s website ‘Using the Sky’ first presented in June 2013 at Tanzkongress, Düsseldorf.

Additionally, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, ZOO/ THOMAS HAUERT will present the German Premiere of MONO.

Image: Amin Weber

Also planned is a major platform for dance students from Frankfurt, Dresden and Berlin to share the results of their research into applications of these resources.

Friday through Sunday activities are organised to support a fluid exchange of ideas and approaches to the creation and use of the new Motion Bank materials alongside related choreographic resources published by a growing Community of Practice. Key individuals working with these projects have been invited to join the Motion Bank team members to take part in and contribute to workshops, Q&A and public discussion during the days.

Preview ZOO/Thomas Hauert 'MONO'.

Due to an overwhelming public response, registration for Live & OnLine is now closed. However, tickets for MONO are still available for purchase, and 'Books on the Move' and other choreographic resources can be explored in the Frankfurt LAB lobby before and after the performances.

Students of the HfMDK MA CoDE (former MAztp). Photo: Jessica Schäfer